Does it cost money to start?

There is no set-up fee or credit card needed to get started with Supreme Purchase. Just stick with the Standard membership, and pay no monthly fee. Our Premium membership offer a larger array of services and options. Premium membership is only $10 a month, or pay only $50 for the year and save even more.

When does it start?

Right away! As soon as you have set up your free U.S. address, you can start using it immediately when purchasing online.

Where is the address?

There are a lot of different U.S. states to choose from, but no matter which one you pick, you’ll be getting the actual postal address of one of our expert shipping agents.

Will it be a P.O. box?

Unfortunately, a lot of online retailers will not ship to P.O. boxes, which is why we only use real addresses.

How does this work?

Shop Online: When you check out, simply use your new U.S. address as the shipping destination.

Packages Arrive at Our Facility: Once your items arrive at our shipping facilities, we’ll upload photos, weight, and size information for you to see on your Supreme Purchase account. Confirm it all looks correct, and it’ll be on its way.

Fill out the necessary forms: All customs declaration forms must contain accurate information about the value and dimensions of your package. We do offer a service to fill out your customs declaration form for you.

Send your Package: Either wait to combine your item with other incoming purchases, or pick your favourite local carrier and get it right out the door!

How is the shipping and postage determined?

The shipping cost of each package is determined when we mail it out, and depends on where you live, which carrier you choose, the weight and size of the package, and how much value you’ve declared through customs. Please use our easy Shipping Calculator to get an estimate for your package.

What does DIM mean?

DIM refers to Dimensional Weight, which is based on the length, width, and height of a package rather than the scaled weights. When shipping internationally, depending on the size of the box, a carrier will charge for whatever is greater—the measured weight or the DIM.
DIM is determined by each carrier, and may hold different values. USPS may use 194 while FedEx Express uses 169. Your package DIM weight may vary by carrier for the same size box.

It says my package got to your shipping facility, but I don’t see it in my account? Is it there?

Our shipping facilities are open Monday to Friday, and closed weekends and U.S. holidays. Packages received on those days may take some extra time to process. Packages delivered during regular business hours typically take 1-2 days to be uploaded.
If you are having issues with a package, please contact Customer Service with your individual tracking number, and we will investigate.

The carrier said they couldn’t deliver my item, what’s the problem?

Please contact your individual carrier to find out what happened. There are many things that can stop or delay delivery. They may have delivered after our facility was closed, or there may be a Collect-On-Delivery (COD) fee.

Will you tell me when my item gets there?

Once your item has been checked in, you will get an email notification, and all its information will be available on your Supreme Purchase account.

Do I have to do anything once you get it?

Yes! Please make sure that after we get your package checked in, you fill out the customs declaration form. Then you can pick your favourite carrier and we’ll schedule your package to be mailed out to you.

When is my shipment going to be mailed out?

Usually, once you’re ready to mail and the appropriate paperwork is filled out, it only takes a few days. However, times can vary depending on time zones, weekends, holidays, and carrier pick-up schedules.
The following carriers pick up from our facilities daily:

  • USPS – Daily
  • FedEx – Daily
  • DHL – Daily
  • Airmail – Daily

How do I request that my packages be combined?

If you are a Premium member you have access to our consolidation service. Please see our section on consolidating your items to see additional fees.

Does consolidating my stuff cost anything?

Premium members have the option to consolidate their packages, but there is an additional fee involved per package, plus postage. If you are a Standard member but you would like to try combining your purchases, you will have to upgrade to Premium for a month, which costs $10.

Wait, I consolidated my items, but now I don’t see any shipping?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell how much your package will cost to ship until all the items have been collected, since it can be based on the dimensions and weight of the final box. Once we know the size of your final box, we’ll assign you a new package ID and update the available carriers and shipping rates in your online account.

Do you have restrictions on what I can ship through you?

Yes, there are restrictions. Please refer to our Prohibited and Restricted Items list before making your purchases.

How do returns work?

There are a few different ways to process a return. We have a handy Returns Tutorial available, and Customer Service is there if you have any further questions.

Where can I find my new address?

Your new Supreme Purchase address is available 24/7 under the section of your account entitled “Your U.S. Address”. If at any point you need to change your address, go to “Account Settings” and then look under “Address Book”.

How can I add or change addresses?

You can make changes, add, or edit your mailing and billing addresses in the section of Account Settings titled “Address Book”.

How do I change my membership plan?

Want to upgrade to Premium? Need to downsize to Standard? Under “Account Settings” look for “Account Membership” which will allow you to make changes to your plan status.

Can I get my package under a different name?

You can have items delivered under multiple names. However, you must add each name to your Supreme Purchase account for identification, security, and shipping purposes.
See instructions below to add another name to your account.

Can I add another person?

You can have up to six individuals named on each account. Simply go to “Account Settings” and click “Additional Names”.

What if I want to cancel?

Of course, we hate to see you go. Hopefully, you’ll let us know why you’d like to cancel, and give us the chance to change your mind.
Before an account can be cancelled, the account balance must be zero, and there should be no packages waiting for you at any of our facilities. Then send us a support ticket saying you’d like to cancel. We’ll send an email confirmation within 1-2 days to let you know it has been closed.

Why is there a hold on my account?

Please contact Customer Service for full details. There are many different reasons an account might be placed on hold.

How can I track my package?

Every package gets a tracking number, but depending on the carrier you choose, you may not be able to follow it online. Carriers like Airmail Economy, Airmail Priority, and USPS First Class mail don’t usually have tracking. You can find your package’s tracking number in your Shipping Company account by clicking on the “Sent Packages” tab.

Can I ship my package to an APO or FPO address?

Unfortunately, we do not ship to APO or FPO addresses.

The carrier I want to use is showing in the shipping calculator, but not as an option in my area. Why can’t I use them?

Sometimes a carrier won’t be able to deliver a package based on its declared value or size. If your carrier is not showing as an option, click on the “Show Unavailable Shipping Methods” button, located under the list of carriers. That should give you the reason a carrier is not available.

Do I need an EEI form? What is that?

You might be used to the EEI under another name. It used to be called the SED (Shipper’s Export Declaration). Now it’s called EEI, or Electronic Export Information form. U.S. Customs requires this form if the value of any item in your package is over $2,500 USD. If the value of the shipment’s contents exceeds $2,500 USD, we can only ship DHL or FedEx due to import and export regulations.
If you are used to the term SED form, the Shipper’s Export Declaration is the former name of what is now an EEI form.
We can prepare your EEI form for you for a flat fee of $40 USD.

Should I declare this as merchandise or gift?

If you are sending this item to another person as a gift, or receiving it yourself from another person as a gift, then mark “gift” on the customs declaration. Otherwise, mark it “merchandise”.

What if I got this for free?

Even if you got an item for free, you still need to declare a value. A $30 clock is still valued at $30 even if it was free to you. The minimum amount required for declaring an item is $1 USD. If you received the item as a gift, you would declare the retail value.

Do I put the value in USD?

Yes, the value must be in United States Dollars (USD).

Will I have to pay taxes and duty?

Yes, and you are responsible for any of those costs. Please contact your local customs office to find out what duties and taxes are in your area, since it is dependent on where you live and what is being shipped. Keep in mind, these regulations change all the time. So if you have a question, the customs office will have the most up-to-date information. Supreme Purchase U.S. Address

How do I use my Supreme Purchase address when checking out?

Below you will find a screenshot of a typical checkout screen and how to enter your unique Supreme Purchase U.S. address. If you have a question about using your Supreme Purchase address on a retailer’s site, please submit a support ticket through your Supreme Purchase account and our agents will be happy to assist you.

What phone number should I use?

Unfortunately, we do not create U.S. phone numbers, but several places can assist you in getting a domestic U.S. number.

How do I know if a retailer can ship to you?

If the online retailer you are using ships to the U.S., then there should be no problem, since Supreme Purchase addresses are real U.S. addresses. If for some reason you are told a retailer will not ship to our shipping agent’s address, or if they cancel your order, please contact us right away so we can investigate.

And remember, you can also use our Personal Shopper option and let us do the shopping for you.

Do I pay state sales tax, and where do I pay that to?

State sales tax should be applied during the checkout process by the retailer. The tax rate will depend on where the retailer is located and where your Supreme Purchase address is. Our addresses in Oregon, Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and New Hampshire are completely sales-tax free.

How would I pay duties or taxes if the package is coming to you?

You are responsible for paying duties and taxes. Clearance, duties, and taxes can be paid in one of two ways:

  • Pay directly: Contact the package courier directly to pay.
  • Pay COD: If you would like to pay upon delivery, contact Supreme Purchase 2-3 days before your package arrives and provide us with the courier’s name, amount due and the tracking number. Lastly, please deposit sufficient funds into your account to complete the COD payment.

If you do not have the proper amount of funds in your Supreme Purchase account to cover charges, we may refuse the package and it will be returned to sender.

I got my products in several packages, even though I only placed one order. Do I get charged for each package?

Yes, there is a $2 processing fee for every package you ship with us. This will be deducted from your balance every time we receive a package. Unfortunately, some retailers prefer to mail items as they are available, instead of holding them to send at once. But check with the retailer you’re using. For instance, Amazon has an option to group your purchases into as few shipments as possible, and other retailers are starting to offer the same.

You can also use our consolidation service if you are a Premium member. This allows you to have everything collected at our facility, and then mailed out in one package, which will save you on shipping rates.

My special order was not completed correctly. How do I fix it?

Sorry! Please submit a ticket with Customer Service, and our friendly agents will resolve the problem.

I asked for Express Processing, how fast is that?

We try to resolve all express processing requests in 4-6 hours, but this depends on how much you’re shipping and the operational hours of the facility it is being shipped to. If you want express mail-out too, be sure to select this separately, because they are two different services.

Can I ask you to repack my items in a smaller box?

Yes, you can! Just click on “Add Additional Services” then select “Other Instructions”. This will ask you to type a specific request. Simply write “Fit my items in the smallest box.” The charge for this service is $5.

What is Personal Shopper and is there a fee?

Shopping online internationally can be frustrating, so we offer you the option to simply let us handle it. You deposit the funds in your Supreme Purchase account, and we take care of the rest. Pricing for this service is listed below:

  • Service Fee: $8.50 USD per 10 items (from the same retailer)
  • Processing Fee (4.3% of order total)
  • Commission Fee (8% of order total)

Learn more about our Personal Shopper program.

Can I shop from multiple stores with just one Personal Shopper request?

No, unfortunately each request only covers one retailer. You must fill out a separate request for each retailer you would like to use.

How do I put in a Personal Shopper request?

First, shop at your favourite stores, and have the URLs of the items you want to buy handy. Then, in your Supreme Purchase account, go to the Personal Shopper section and click “New Personal Shopper Request”. Fill out the required information, and you’re all set!

What happens if what I order is out of stock?

At least half of the items in your request must be available to complete the request. If more than half is out of stock, we will cancel the entire request and send you an email. But if at least half are available, we will purchase what we can.

How long does a Personal Shopper request take?

Usually between 2-5 days, depending on the day the request is submitted and the volume of requests.

Can I do a return if I used Personal Shopper?

Each retailer has a different set of conditions for returns. If there are any restocking or service fees, you will be responsible for those.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment methods vary by your location. We accept payments via major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and wire transfer.

How long will my payment take to show up?

That depends on which payment method you chose. Most credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin payments process immediately but some transactions may take 15 minutes or a few hours. Wire transfer payments take 5-7 days to be processed.

Why is my payment not showing up?

Most payments are posted right away, but we do ask you to allow a few hours for your payment to appear, because it can vary depending on your payment method. If after a few hours you still don’t see your payment, collect the following information and submit a ticket to Customer Service:

  • Credit Card – Please provide us with the first six and last four digits of the card used. For your safety, DO NOT send your full credit card number.
  • PayPal – Please provide us with the unique transaction ID.
  • Wire Transfer – Please provide us with the wire transfer receipt or the name the wire transfer was made under, the amount deposited in USD and the date of the wire transfer.
  • Bitcoin – Please provide us with the date and amount deposited in USD along with the Supreme Purchase order number.
  • Other Payment Methods – Submit a support ticket for further assistance.

Why is my credit card not working?

Please check with your bank or credit card provider. Your card provider may automatically block international payments—that’s the most common reason. Then make sure your billing address on the retailer’s checkout screen is correct. If you’re still having problems, take a screenshot and contact Customer Service. For your own safety, please never include your full credit card number on tickets.

Why can't I add a deposit on my account?

Brand new accounts that have not shipped any packages through us yet can only make a deposit using wire transfer or Bitcoin. However, you can shop and ship your first package with us without a deposit in your account yet. After that first package, you will be able to make payments with other methods. There is a minimum deposit required of $5.

What do I do to file a claim?

All claims can be filed online through your account. Click on “Support Tickets” in the upper right hand corner of your account screen, and follow the instructions for creating a new ticket. You can also file a report on lost or damaged packages in the “Sent Packages” tab.

I got the wrong package, what should I do?

If the wrong item is listed on your account, please fill out a support ticket for Customer Service, and our agents will remove the item from your account.
If you received an incorrect package at your door already, create a support ticket and upload photos of the package labels and contents. A customer service agent will contact you with the next steps.

How long will my claim take?

Every carrier is different when it comes to claims, so unfortunately the processing time for each claim varies.

How can I get a refund?

Refund requests must be filed through your online account. Simply go to Account Settings, then Account Deposit. Click on the Request a Refund button, and follow the prompts to complete your request.

How will I get my refund?

We will always try to refund you using the same method of payment you originally used. If you used Bitcoin, a now expired card, or a wire transfer, we can refund you via PayPal.

How long does it take to process a refund?

We process refund requests in 2-3 days. After the request is processed, the time until you see the funds depends on what payment method you used.

What is shipping insurance and what does it cover?

When you are filling out your mail-out choices, you’ll see your insurance options displayed based on which carrier you chose, and what country it’s being shipped to. Our two types of insurance will vary slightly depending on your carrier:

  • Delivery insurance – Delivery insurance covers the shipment if the package is lost in transit from our shipping agents based on the declared value.
  • Delivery and Damage insurance – Includes coverage for lost OR damaged packages based on the declared value.

Do I need a deposit in my account to start?

No, you do not need to add a deposit before the package arrives at our shipping facility. When we’ve processed the item, you’ve picked a carrier, and you know what duties or taxes will be owed, you can add a deposit then.

Can I get paper mail?

We will require a notarized Form 1583 mailed to our office before we are allowed to deliver letters and magazines. You will also need to change the settings under Account Preferences to include paper mail.

Why do I need a Form 1583?

In order for Supreme Purchase to receive mail on your behalf, the United States Postal Service requires Form 1583 as an authorization.

If I ask for a special order, like Consolidation or extra photos, how long does that take?

Special orders will generally take 1-2 business days to process. Mailing out a shipment may take an additional 1-2 days then, depending on when you submit your request. You can also request Express Processing as an additional service for a small fee, which will move your package to the top of the queue.